More Bad News

It seems that terrible news these mornings is on the increase while the good news is in short supply; Part of the reason is that terrible news is, unluckyly, more interesting than good news.

Several consecutive mornings of perfect 78°F sunny weather will not make any headlines however 1 terrible storm that causes an electrical outage will be widely reported by every news outlet in the area. The 1 exception is athletic interests. The winning team will be celebrated while the losers go loft largely unnoticed. A similar situation occurs in our weekly lives with our cars, tablets, appliances, and a home’s HVAC system. If they are running smoothly, both of us don’t supply them a hour thought however when they stop working or cut down, both of us instantly begin to believe distraught over a big repair bill. The worrisome news with HVAC systems today is that even if they are working perfectly, there are potential health risks, and filters for HVAC have Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values or MERV ratings that run from 1 to 20. Filters capable of trapping germs and viruses have high MERV ratings of 17-20, a rating way above the normal household filters that have single-digit MERV ratings. The risk is that the hour particles floating in the air will be breathed in by unsuspecting folks. The solution, especially in big commercial buildings is to increase ventilation to dilute any germs and direct the stream of air into less populated areas so any pathogen can settle and die instead of infecting someone new. The other “must-do” is to sanitize the HVAC ducts officially. That may not be good news, however at least it’s not terrible news.


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