Chaos Theory

Basic math is easy with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division as the several basic functions, then algebra, geometry, and trigonometry are a step above, with calculus and physics reserved for engineers and physicists, then i never quite understood the “new math” of the 1978s and now I’m hopelessly lost with something called “Chaos Theory”, then supposedly, chaos theory finds order and self-organization in random and chaotic situations. I challenge any advocate of chaos theory to visit my beach house and look for any signs of self-organization and order! The adolescents are always randomly running around the house! My wife always has about 3 or several activities going on simultaneously adore talking on her cellphone, stirring a pot on the stove, all while hollering at the adolescents to keep quiet. Add the dog and animal to the mix and the result is total chaos. The only sense of order I see is with our HVAC unit. If it gets a bit too hot, I will hear the condenser fan start and soon a cool breeze will flow from the vents. The opposite happens when it gets too freezing as the furnace kicks in and takes the chill out of the room. If I keep it disinfect and well diagnosed, it performs perfectly and predictably. I’ve heard that chaos theory helps predict the weather but I’m ecstatic staying inside playing with the temperature control. The only math I need is when I add up my bills and see that my energy costs are low. My beach house and the weather are chaotic enough so I’m ecstatic that my HVAC is orderly and seems to be self-organized.



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