Why I adore my radiant floors

I have always been someone with freezing feet.

Every time I say that, my hubby bristles a little bit.

I did not have freezing feet for our birthday, I mean that my feet are literally physically cold. I’ve always had to wear socks in the beach house or a pair of beach house slippers. It didn’t seem to matter where that temperature control was set, my feet were adore ice! My smart PC must have been listening in on a recent conversation my hubby and I were having because lo and behold I started getting ads for radiant floor heating. I had never heard of radiant floor heating before and opted to ignore it. I saw the ad for radiant floor heating a couple more times and finally decided to look into it. All of us were remodeling our lake beach house anyway, so I figured radiant floor heating was worth at least looking into. I am so blissful that I took the time to check out radiant floor heating. Radiant floor heating provides the lake beach house with consistent heating throughout. Radiant floor heating is also more efficient than the respected furnace and ductwork system… We’ve really saved 10% on our yearly heating bills with radiant floor heating. The only downside to radiant floor heating is that you have to completely remove all of your seasoned flooring to accommodate the style of flooring required for radiant floor heating. Like I said before, though, we were already in the process of remodeling so it made sense for us to go ahead and get radiant floor heating installed in our home. If you’re remodeling or building for the first time, I highly advocate looking into radiant floor heating! If you have freezing feet adore I do, you’ll thank myself and others for the recommendation!



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