I just purchased a modern portable a/c with self-evaporation technology

My energy bills have reached a historic high as the two of us suffer through another brutal week of June.

  • Although I am forced to cope with intense Summer weather every single year, we’re in the grips of record splitting highs and never ending droughts.

I get worried when I turn on the news and find out that there are wildfires in the section and they’re spreading into a nearby city. Aside from the fear of losing everything you own, there’s the genuine fear for your life. People die in their sleep as the wildfires spread while in night minutes unbeknownst to them. Some people don’t realize how ridiculously moderate it gets in my region. I wanted to turn my lanai into a many season room. That entails having some minimal insulation from the elements, and access to conditioned air. In some cases people are lucky enough to have access to ductwork close enough to the room that is being modified. In my case, my easiest pick for getting air conditioning into that lanai is installing a fan positioned inside the doorway to the rest of the house. My other pick is to install a window a/c, a ductless mini chop air conditioning unit, or a portable a/c. I drove to a giant hardware store and looked over the available options. There was a sale on portable a/cs and I observed there were a few unusual models to choose from. I set my eyeah on this small pale white unit that has 10,000 BTUs of cooling power, as well as self-evaporation technology. These machines utilize waste water from the air conditioning unit and use it to cool the moderate compressor inside the metal enclosure. Normally indoor air has to be recycled for the purpose of cooling the compressor, but these modern machines recycle the water that leaves the home either way.


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