Computers make things complicated

It seems as if this month everything is ran by computers of some sort.

It is easily crazy if you ask me.

I have nothing against technology or computers assisting people with tasks that could use it. But to begin replacing human interaction and human touch with computers are where things are getting out of hand, and one thing in this type are smart temperature controls. Now I suppose many people enjoy smart technology and smart temperature controls in general because of how convenient they are. But when I tried a smart temperature control once I had nothing but troubles. I even was without our central heating and air conditioner program a single time for over twenty more than three minutes because something had gone wrong with the computer board inside the smart temperature control! My case and point about computers. They are not perfect and they don’t suppose everything. They cause more trouble than they are worth in our opinion when it comes to things adore temperature controls and other essential living products on the market, then maybe it is because I am getting outdated and just don’t understand all this computer stuff, or maybe I am easily on to something important here that people need to suppose about. But after that experience with the smart temperature control, it has been nothing but either outdated dial temperature controls or regular digital temperature controls for me! You know, temperature controls that require the human brain and touch to operate! If something goes wrong with a single of those temperature controls, it is the fault of the owner or natural age wear and tear. Not some computer malfunction!



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