My front door is always open to them

I attended my church today and the furnace was on to keep us sizzling while in our worship service.

  • I had part in installing the heating and air conditioning units at that church so I was listening closely to the noises the furnace was making just to make sure the furnace was working the way it should.

As weird as this may seem, I had gotten into the custom of listening to the noises of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems ever since I had a different experience in an seasoned Catholc church. I was young at the time with only a few months experience working on cooling systems in addition to furnaces for a few months. I was at this Catholic church to service its heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. When I arrived at the building, I walked to the front doors which were unlocked. I walked into the church only to find a note that told me to go find the heating and air conditioning units to begin working on the furnace area of it. I wasn’t sure where I would find the furnace so I ventured through the gloomy church looking for a normal area that someone would put a furnace. As I walked down a tight hallway, I heard soft scratching sounds in the HVAC ducts in the walls around me. I assumed the heating system was running so I began listening closely, and the sounds of the furnace gradually got louder.Then the heating system made a huge bang sound causing heated air to flow out of the HVAC ducts. I found this to be odd and creepy. I managed to find both the furnace in addition to the cooling system in the building. I fixed the furnace and rushed out of the church as abruptly as possible. Ever since that experience with a furnace, I always listen for unusual heating, ventilation air conditioning sounds.

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