Don’t even stress over those issues!

I was visiting at my local church this weekend and noticed the furnace was on to keep us hot during our worship service.

I was glad it was working well seeing I had part in installing the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system at that church.

I was listening closely to the noises the furnace was making just to make sure the heating network was working officially. Even though this is a strange habit, I always am aware of the noises of heating and air conditioning systems make ever since I had a creepy experience in an aged Catholc church. I was young at the time and had only been working on cooling systems as well as furnaces for a year. I was at this Catholic church to repair its heating, ventilation as well as air conditioning system, and when I arrived at the building, I walked to the unlocked front doors. I walked into the church as well as found a note that told me to go ahead and find the heating system first and begin working on it. I wasn’t really sure where I would find the furnace so I ventured through the sizable church looking for a typical location someone would put a furnace. As I walked down a slim hallway, I heard soft scratching sounds in the ducts in the walls around me. I assumed the oil furnace was running and causing the sounds so I listened closely. The sounds of the furnace slowly got louder until a rushe of air came blowing out of the HVAC ducts. I found this to be horrifying. I managed to find both the furnace as well as cooling system systems in the building. I fixed the furnace and got out of there as swiftly as possible. Now I will never stop listening to strange noises.

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