Helping brother even though he’s a turd

Sometimes people really surprise you.

This can be good or bad, especially in my case.

Oftentimes, I’m blown away by how kind and considerate my family can be when I least expect it. Out of the blue, they will have purchased me a thoughtful gift or assisted me with something that has been bothering me for months. At the same time, they can be ruthless buttholes whenever they want to. I guess we go back and forth and that’s part of being a family unit. That’s why, even though my brother and I are on bad terms I still went out to his house to help with his heating and cooling repair the other day. For months we’ve been squabbling over some old family issues and haven’t been on speaking terms. However, I heard that he was having issues with his indoor air temperature control system and didn’t have the money to pay for a professional Heating and Cooling technician to come to his house and inspect the failing cooling device. He could easily call me because I happen to be a central heating and cooling technician at a reputable air quality control dealership. But, since we were feuding, he remained silent about the air quality issues. Still, my mom was sure to tell me about the HVAC nightmare that he was dealing with. That’s when I decided to sneak over to his house one night and inspected the air conditioning unit on my own. When he woke up the next morning, his air conditioning conundrum was completely solved and he never had to tarnish his pride by asking for my professional HVAC help. It’s part of being a family.
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