How I became a squirrel mom

For over a year now I’ve desperately wanted to get my own dog.

I had recently lost my companion animal and I was desperately desiring the presence of another pooch. The problem is, I kept running into obstacles every time I attempted to adopt a new dog. The dog of my dreams would be adopted out from under me, the shelter would ask for an astronomical adoption fee, plus they successfully fostered out every homeless dog during the pandemic. My dreams of being a dog owner again didn’t come true. However, apparently I’m going to be a squirrel mom for the foreseeable future. This isn’t what I wanted, but I guess it’s what I need. The ordeal all started when I noticed that my indoor air temperature had been fluctuating a bit. I had heard some strange sounds coming from the ductwork, which I assumed was related to the operation of my central cooling system. As time went on, the sounds from my AC unit only seemed to get louder. The air temperature fluctuations were getting more drastic and I was having to operate the central cooling system all day to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. I finally broke down and called out my central heating and cooling technician to inspect the HVAC system, expecting that my AC unit needed some minor repairs. In reality, my HVAC technician found something much more surprising. A family of squirrels was living inside of my HVAC ductwork. He told me he could eradicate the pests from my air ducts if I wanted, but I declined the offer. Now, I’m bottle-feeding four tiny baby squirrels in a far more comfortable indoor environment. It’s a good thing I don’t have to use my AC unit so much anymore, because formula is expensive.

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