Searched HVAC devices, and now that’s all I see

Even every TV show is centered around a broken air conditioning unit or forced air furnace

Have you ever noticed that when somebody mentions a random topic to you offhandedly, it will suddenly become a massive part of your life? For years, I never noticed a particular breed of dogs until my little sister mentioned it to me a few weeks ago. Her birthday was approaching and she decided that she wanted to get one of these designer dogs as her newest companion. Suddenly, that’s all that I saw every time I left the house. I don’t think they were suddenly more dogs in my world, but my brain was suddenly programmed to spot them in every situation. The same has been absolutely true recently as my boyfriend has considered attending Heating and Cooling technical school. A few months ago he realized that he needed to quit his job and he appreciated the thought of becoming a residential HVAC technician. He knew that there was a lot of money in the air quality control industry because people always need advanced air temperature control in their house and office. These days, air purification is an even bigger deal. As soon as my husband mentioned his new interest in HVAC technical school to get his Heating and Cooling certification, that’s all I started seeing. Every billboard is for a new HVAC dealership. Every internet ad is for the newest method of indoor air purification. Even every TV show is centered around a broken air conditioning unit or forced air furnace. I’m not sure if my brain is trying to tell me that this HVAC career is the right move… Or I’m getting heating and cooling obsessed because I can’t wait for my husband to get our HVAC equipment updated.


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