If we continue to shelter in place, I need HVAC help

I think this period of time that we are in is an extremely trying one for most human beings.This year has already been extremely difficult and there’s only more chaos coming up.

It was bad enough that 2020 was going to be an election year, and then…

A global pandemic broke out. Since March, it seems like we’ve been on a media roller coaster with differing information coming in at every turn. Most recently, there’s been a lot of back and forth about whether or not it’s safe to open indoor spaces for public breathing. A lot of folks are ready to reopen the economy and start hanging out in public indoor spaces again. Personally, I would rather stay at home in the comfort and safety of my own central HVAC system. I would be more than happy if we reinstated the shelter in place orders and everyone returned to their air temperature controlled homes for the impressive summer season. My only concern with relying on my central cooling system for another several months is having a heating and cooling technician inspect my AC unit. I never had my central AC system properly diagnosed or repaired this year by my normal professional HVAC specialist. Now, I’m worried about my climbing energy bills and the cleanliness of my indoor air, overall. I know my air filters need to be changed and my cooling system could use a turbocharge to save on regular wear and tear. If we’re going to hunker down and stay indoors for another few months, I just need to call my HVAC technician for a socially distanced AC service appointment.



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