Mom mistakes “cookies” as “a sign”

A few weeks ago I started introducing my mom to the world of woo. If you’re not familiar, that simply refers to people who have a spiritual outlook on life without a technical religion that they follow. It’s the sort of folks who believe that you can manifest your destiny and that your energy changes the events that surround you everyday. Personally, it’s what I choose to believe… But now I’m questioning if it’s the right move for my mom. Shortly after I showed her some of my favorite woo podcasts, she started taking the spiritual ideas to an extreme place. Specifically, she now believes that she is destined to become a heating and cooling technician late in life. She swears that she’s been seeing signs that point to air quality control everywhere she goes on the internet. Every time she logs onto Facebook her feed is littered with ads from local HVAC repair shops and brand new Heating and Cooling certification programs. YouTube has been recommending endless DIY HVAC repair channels to her. When she goes online to view the news, it’s surrounded by new informational ads about eco-friendly Heating and Cooling devices. She’s even seen solar powered HVAC plans scattered around on Instagram. When I heard that my mom was taking my spiritual teaching seriously I was pretty excited… But I’m not sure if this Heating and Cooling message is valid. If she feels drawn to become a certified HVAC technician, I will absolutely support her decision to enter the air quality control trade. However, at the end of the day I don’t think these universal events are hints about her destiny. I’m quite sure my mom is just mistaking internet “cookies” for signs.

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