Many individuals decide to invest in heating or air conditioning systems for their living space

They start out right by calling the heating plus cooling dealer and asking for an HVACserviceman to come install the heating or air conditioning system for them.

While it is definitely important to have your HVAC system installed by a professional serviceman, It takes much more than that! Many people take care of the first few steps by having their heating plus air conditioning professionally installed but once it is installed, they set the temperature control to whatever they want then continue on with their life and never schedule an annual checkup.

They don’t realize the importance of having their heating plus air conditioning network diagnosed often nor do they see the risks involved if they do not. A great example of this is a young couple living in a southern climate that had an HVAC system installed in their living space. They enjoyed the comfort of the cooling air their a/c brought them on warm afternoons. They used their air conditioner all the time for many years without ever having a heating and air conditioning serviceman come to check on it. One day, the young lady observed a strange odor and saw smoke coming from the a/c vents. She ran to the window and gazed out at the air conditioning unit next to the house. There were billows of smoke flowing from the cooling system. She ran to the temperature control and switched it off then immediately called the Heating and air conditioner serviceman. The serviceman came to their apartment to look over the air conditioner. The serviceman made a list of the many problems with it plus commanded it be fixed asap. The serviceman was given permission so he spent the next several hours repairing the air conditioning unit. When it was all done, the couple had learned their lesson and now they annually plan for the HVAC service man to come check on their air conditioner.

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