Made the mistake of using work truck for move

I think most humans are aware of how important it is to make a good first impression.

  • When you meet somebody for the first time they immediately pick up on your energy and develop a picture of you in their head that can be difficult to change over time.

I have fallen into this trap many times. Apparently, I made a massive mistake a few months ago when I met my neighbors for the first time, as well. I was moving into my new home and I had quite a lot of stuff to transport over. I asked my boss at the heating and cooling dealership where I work if I could borrow my large HVAC work van for a few days in order to move boxes to the new home. My boss kindly agreed to let me utilize the air quality control work van that I normally drive to my residential HVAC repair gigs. I was very happy to have a large vehicle to make the move… But I didn’t realize what kind of impression I would be giving to the neighbors. Unfortunately, because my neighbors first saw the HVAC work van, they immediately associated me with indoor air quality control above all else. When they came over and introduced themselves they started asking about my experience as an air quality control specialist and I was happy to talk about my normal days repairing and diagnosing residential cooling systems. Now, I don’t think my neighbors can see me as anything except a heating and cooling technician. Every time they have an air quality question or feel like their HVAC system needs a professional opinion, you know that they’re knocking at my door. I haven’t been to a single barbecue without being shown to the failing AC unit or forced air furnace so I can perform repairs for most of the social event.


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