I really need my A/C device

It would be so fantastic to have an air conditioner! I have not had an air conditioner device for several weeks now, and it is all my fault.

I let someone borrow our A/C device, and I suppose that was a sizable mistake.

The lady who borrowed our A/C device said that she would only need it for an afternoon, and then, she called me back and asked if she could keep the A/C device for a bit longer. Well, it has been several weeks, and I have not heard from the lady. Apparently, she got a new number, so she is not answering any of my texts or calls. I am about to go to her household. I undoubtedly need an air conditioner. It is so overheated outside, and not having the air conditioner is not satisfactory. This lady that I let borrow our A/C device was a good friend of mine, but I am not sure if she still will be after this. I have driven by her household a few times, although she wasn’t at her household. I would have stopped and taken our A/C device if she had been home. If I can’t get a hold of her within the next couple of days, I may just go ahead and buy a new A/C device. I assume that it isn’t undoubtedly tolerable that I would have to purchase another A/C device, but I am willing to do it if this girl undoubtedly needs the A/C device that I let her borrow. I just wish she would be entirely honest with me about it instead of trying to steal our A/C device.



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