It was foolish to let somebody borrow my A/C machine

I would have stopped plus taken my air conditioner machine if he had been home.

It would be wonderful to have my air conditioning machine. I have not had my air conditioning machine for weeks now, plus it is all my fault. I let someone borrow my air conditioner, plus I guess that was a pretty serious mistake… The person who borrowed my air conditioner machine basically said that he would only need it for an afternoon. Then, he called me back plus asked if he could keep the air conditioner machine for a bit longer! Well, it has been more than two weeks, plus I have not heard from him about it. Apparently, he got a new number, so he is not answering any of my texts or calls. I am about to go to his residence. I legitimately need air conditioning in my residence. It is so overheated outside, plus not having air conditioning is not good for me. This guy that I let borrow my air conditioner was a fairly good friend of mine, but I am not sure if we can still be friends after this. I have driven by his residence a few times, but he wasn’t home. I would have stopped plus taken my air conditioner machine if he had been home. If I can’t get a hold of him within the next couple of afternoons, I may just go ahead plus buy a new air conditioner machine. I feel that it isn’t legitimately tolerable that I would have to buy another air conditioner machine, but I am willing to do it if this guy honestly needs the air conditioner that I let him borrow. I just wish he would be fair with me about it instead of making an attempt to steal my air conditioner machine.

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