My A/C device was ruined by my friend’s pet

I can’t trust her with anything

A pet that I watched ruined my a/c device entirely. I honestly never should have offered to watch my friend’s pet, although I felt entirely bad because nobody wanted to watch her pet. I understand why nobody wanted to watch her pet now… Her pet is completely rotten. She chewed up most of my stuff. She chewed up my a/c device. I have no idea in the least how she managed to chew up my a/c, but she managed to do it. She chewed through the cord in different locales. She chewed the front of the a/c device as well. I never thought that she would chew up my a/c device, so I didn’t even think twice about it when I put her in a room with a/c. I purposely put her in the room with a/c because I was afraid that she would become too sizzling if I didn’t. Well, I regret my decision, that a/c device was not one of my seasoned ones. It was my newest a/c device, plus I paid a good amount of cash for it. I was so frustrated, although I didn’t want to tell my friend until she got back from her holiday. Well, it turns out that she had a bad time on holiday, so I made the choice not to tell her about the a/c, although I will surely never watch her pet again. I can’t trust her with anything. If it wasn’t the a/c device, it entirely would have been the wall or something bizarre like that. I have never even heard of a pet chewing up an a/c device before. I believe there is a first time for everything though.

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