Getting a smart thermostat was a good thing

Upgrading to a smart thermostat was the best choice I have ever made.

  • For years I was traveling back and forth and worried about leaving my home.

I had to deal with a person to water plants, someone to feed my cat, get a person to change my lights, grab the mail and also make sure my HVAC system still functioned. Coordinating with all those people was a pain and expensive. Someone always forgot to do their job or did it wrong. Thankfully I now have everything on my phone or on its own system. I fill glass bottles of water and stick it upside down in my potted plants. The water slowly trickles into the plants and I am good to go. I then have an automated cat feeder, lighting and HVAC system that I can run from various apps. The smart thermostat is really my favorite addition in the home. The smart thermostat makes it so I can adjust heating, cooling, fan speed and humidity levels all from a remote location. I no longer need to set the heater to low heating mode or waste cooling an empty house. I can adjust the HVAC settings day by day. If something goes wrong with the system, my phone alerts me. I also get texts about air filter changes, humidity issues and air quality problems. What is nice is that I really don’t need to do a thing. The thermostat scans for occupants and turns on and off based on that. Wherever my kitty is in the house, he is comfortable and happy.

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