I’m trying to find a way to stay busy

I have been stuck at home for the past nine afternoons and I am starting to go crazy! Most afternoons I spend at least numerous hours at work, however everything is shut down right now. I had to file for unemployment with the government, and I am forced to stay inside of our beach house all of the time. I have been trying to find a number of ways to stay busy and keep our mind fresh and active. I watched all of the films in our watchlist on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. I baked cookies all day on Wednesday and I made 3 batches of cupcakes on Sunday. I even found time to perform a full service tune up on our Heating plus Air Conditioning unit. I have unlimited access to the Internet and I looked up a hundred odd videos on full service tune ups for the Heating plus Air Conditioning unit. I found a lot of interesting information and I knew that I could perform the service without any problems. I even cleaned all of the ductwork covers and dusted the inside of the ducting. I changed the air filter and I also cleared the drain line. I am still stuck in the cabin for another two weeks, so I have no proposal what I will do next week to stay busy. I am running out of activities that are fun and interesting. I wish I could have some friends over for a celebration or a game of cards, however that would increase the risk of getting infected. The best thing to do is stay at home and continue to scrub our hands.


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