Social Media Account Manager Desperately Needed

I need help managing my social media account for our new supplier because it is getting to be way too much for me to manage on our own.

It seemsI do not have time to keep up with it and still do my actual job, which is to run my small business. This is why I need to find someone soon to take over the reins of both our social media marketing & our social media management. If I could find the ideal social media management contractor, they would be the answer to our ongoing issue I am dealing with right now. In order for me to do this, it is going to take some trust on our part. Giving some unfamiliar contractor access to our social media is a certainly daunting thing that I could not just provide to anyone. I want to be able to trust that they know what they are doing. The social media management contractor I met with is one I got from a reference via a buddy of mine. My buddy’s company also uses a social media management contractor to run their business’ social media, & they have been doing a fabulous job at it. That recommendation from my buddy inspired in me instant trust in them. And I am looking forward to working with the new social media marketing firm! I can finally be free of this extra monthly chore that is never ending that is needed to keep our supplier flowing strong. Social media these days is one paramount to having a successful business.


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