I want to get the most out of it

I adore the fact that I work in an industry where there is still real, tangible customer contact.

Without that key part, I’m not sure that I would stay in the Heating game.

However, it is a portion of my life that I honestly love. Yet, this is also a time where I have to acknowledge the virtual relationships with our customers as well. The personal contact in addition to personal referrals are great. This is how I was able to start in addition to growing my own Heating supplier. But, I’m now also looking to grow my heating corporation in a more regional way. That’s why I am turning to online in addition to digital marketing to link with those who are looking for our services online. Just having a website doesn’t do much good if you can’t really link with clients. The online corporation we work with uses web building as an element of their approach to really capturing online business. This is because most any Heating supplier’s potential customer base is looking for them online. But where they are long for them is essential to the equation. People use search engines to find the goods in addition to services they end up picking. Tactics like SEO in addition to PPC are facet of the search engine process that is able to steer those people to us. I am so pleased with the results I have seen in such a short phase of time. It’s been an impressive slew of clients that have found us. It definitely is encouraging as every one of us continue to press toward and get more customers.

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Underfloor heating in bathroom is big surprise

When my mom remarried a few years back I wasn’t sure I liked my new stepfather.

After all, I didn’t even know about him until they eloped together.

However, I was a grown adult already so it didn’t really matter what I thought. I wanted my mom to be happy so I decided to be fair and get to know the man. I am glad I did. He turned out to be a pretty cool guy. However, I think I finally accepted him when he brought me in on a big surprise for me mom. You see, my mom has always wanted a bathroom with underfloor heating. She has wanted one her whole life and my stepfather made that happen for her. He wanted it to be a big surprise though so he planned this big getaway for my mom and me. He sent us to Europe on vacation while he stayed behind and worked with the HVAC contractors and the bathroom contractors himself. I went so that my mom wouldn’t be alone and question why her husband wasn’t there. We had a blast. Then I flew home with her under some pretense and we unveiled the new bathroom with underfloor heating. She was so surprised. I don’t think she ever had a clue. I’ve never seen my mom speechless before but it was great. The first thing she did was turn on the underfloor heating and just stand there looking at her new bathroom. It was amazing. I stayed a few days after that then flew home alone myself. I hope I meet a man who is that nice to me someday.


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This rental has underfloor heating and cooling!

When we were looking for a place to rent we really wanted some place close to our workplaces and near a dog park.

However, we were having a lot of trouble finding a place like that.

And, when we did, there was always something that we hated about the rental property. One potential rental only had a window air conditioner and floorboard heaters, for example. We really wanted a rental with central heating and air. Then we decided to check out this house for rent. It was a little bit further than we liked however it was near a dog park. The rent was cheap so we were weary. However, it did say that it had central heating and cooling so we decided to check it out. We absolutely love it! The dog park is only a block away. The house is tiny like an apartment but it is not an apartment. This means we won’t have noisy neighbors. It has a fence, which is great for the dog. The best part is the fact that the house has underfloor heating and cooling. I have always wanted a place with underfloor heating. My grandparents’ home used to have it and it made the house so comfortable. I didn’t even know they made underfloor cooling. Now that I do I am really looking forward to living in a house that has it. The owner of the house seemed really nice too. He seemed like he would be happy to have us move in. We just need to wait for some paperwork to go through. Then this place will be ours to live in. I can’t wait to use the underfloor climate control either. I hope it is a really cold day when we move in so we can turn it on.


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That doesn’t count as underfloor heating and cooling

When we rented this house we were told it had underfloor heating and cooling.

I thought that was wonderful.

I have always hated how loud forced air heating and cooling is. However, as soon as we moved in I could hear the forced air sound that the air conditioner was making. It appeared we just had a regular air conditioner and heater. But then, I couldn’t find the HVAC vents. They were not on the ceiling, walls, or floor as far as I could tell. It wasn’t until we started moving furniture around that we found the HVAC vents. It appeared that they were under the carpet. The entire house is carpeted. This includes the kitchen and the bathroom. Yuck! This should have been a huge red flag but, again, I thought the house had underfloor heating and cooling. I thought maybe the carpeting was part of the underfloor heating and cooling. Our first night in our rented home was terrible. Both my husband and I were super congested. Just the thought of all of that air filtering through a dirty carpet is enough to make me sick. In the morning we called up the landlord and confronted him about the underfloor heating and cooling. He said it had it after all. At first, he said he never said that. Then he said that the ducts are under the floor so it does have underfloor heating and cooling. Yeah, it doesn’t work that way. We will be finding a new place to rent immediately. There is no point in unpacking.


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Could shared ductwork be the problem?

Ever since we rented this apartment I have been having chronic sinus headaches.

The headaches are worse at night and they slowly dissipate during the day.

That is because I am not at home during the day. I have tried everything I could think of in order to get rid of the sinus headaches. I have used humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and air purifiers. Not all at the same time, of course. I have also had our carpets professionally cleaned and I have wiped down all of the walls myself. I have even cleaned the curtains. Nothing has helped. However, I have noticed that my headaches are worse when the heater or air conditioner are on. If it is a nice day I just leave the windows open and the ceiling fan on. On those days, I don’t have any allergy symptoms at all. That is why I am starting to think that it is the HVAC system in the building that is causing my allergies. The whole apartment shares one HVAC system. It is equipped with zone control so that we all have our own thermostats. This seemed ok. I mean, I can’t decide if the heat or air conditioner is on but I can turn them off for my apartment. However, I fear that there is dust and allergens floating around from one apartment to the next through the ductwork. I am going to talk to the building manager and see if they can do a ductwork cleaning. If that doesn’t fix my allergies I don’t know what else to do. I might have to break my lease and find another place to live as soon as I can afford to do so.
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I wasn’t a fun of the warm sun and no a/c

I can still feel the sweltering heat mixed with the salt of the ocean, and my sweat makes me feel sticky and heavy.

“How is this supposed to be fun?” I thought to myself. Seven-year-old me, with my mini shades, juice box, and hatred for the beach is the reason I was the weird kid and outcast in my cali-centric family. My mother with her gorgeous Indian Summer tan, my father with his obnoxious surfer locks, and my siblings who loved to splash in the salty waves were the reason that everyone in my family looked at me with peculiar wonderment.With my pale skin and unhappy appearance, I felt like an alien in these “fun-in-the-sun” family outings. My mom tried to make it fun for me. She bought every sand castle kit, floaties in obscure animal shapes, and adorable little kid bathing suits on the market. While I appreciated the effort it still didn’t change the fact that I dreaded the heat and sun of the California beaches. All I wanted to do was sit at home in the quality air conditioning. Our family had a state of the art high velocity AC plan. The air would quickly whip through the home and lower the temperature in a matter of minutes. That was my idea of a good time. A lot of cooling, a good drink and to relax inside with a book. As an adult, it is no wonder that I sprung for a good a/c plan.


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The evening was ruined by no heating

Almost as if reading my thoughts, my husband told us to make a quick exit to the backdoor, “and try not to slip on the ice”, he yelled almost as an afterthought. In those 30 seconds from car to house, my eyes burned shut into squints, my nose hairs froze, and my once warmed body became an instant snowman praying for the inside of that house. The four of us: husband, two kids and myself scrambled and cramped into the tiny mudroom. We hastily took off our coats and boots and opened the house door to the welcoming…..Frost? Why was I still breathing frost in what was supposed to be a heavenly host of warmth and security? His parents greeted us; fully dressed in layers handing us the promised cocoa, and explained the weather had frozen the pipes of their old home and the heater was no longer coming out. Their only source of heat was the small electric fireplace that gave off a 2ft circumference of warmth. My husband’s mother complained, “I told your father to have a HVAC technician check the pipes and unit to this old house long before the storm hit, but NO he told me he could fix anything that broke. Ha! That’s why we are still sitting here in the cold. Not to worry the repairman should be here tomorrow morning, weather permitting”, his mother chirped along. “We’ll all stay warm bundled under all these blankets snuggled together.” It was not a warm evening at all. They should have thought about good heating service.


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Working from Home Brings Positives and Negatives

So, how do you like working from home? I, personally, have always wanted to work from home, and I have tried to talk my boss into it since the day I started.

I have always thought it was a bit of a waste of money paying rent on office space.

Now that the virus has arrived, just about everyone is working from home, and I am thrilled that I actually have a job, to tell you the truth. I have also finally discovered what it is like to actually work from home, and I have learned it brings both positives and negatives. The best thing is having no commute and being able to sleep right up until time to work. Another great thing is being in control of the thermostat! That’s right, in my office, the air conditioning acts like it has been possessed by an ill-tempered child. No matter where I set the thermostat, I am freezing, and my boss is sweating. His office does not have enough a/c air vents, as it only has one. My office is ⅓ the size of his, and I have two a/c air vents! Anyway, at home, I have no HVAC comfort issues. I set the a/c thermostat on 73 when I go to sleep. When I wake up and mosey to the hallway, I change the a/c setting to 75. Between the a/c and the ceiling fan in my bedroom, that is plenty cool for me. The negative side of working from home is having no excuse to buy new clothes!


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Couldn’t Walk My New Dog if there was no A/C to Come Back to

Exactly one week ago, I went to the shelter and got a new dog.

My previous canine friend passed away about two months ago, after being my best friend for thirteen years.

The house seemed pretty empty without a dog, and I’m so glad I got another friend. The biggest difference in getting a dog now is that I have arthritis and I am also, admittedly, overweight. That makes it really hard to walk her, but she needs to be walked because she doesn’t get any exercise in the backyard. She has no interest in running around and playing in the yard, so to keep her from getting fat, I need to take her on walks, but it is quite hard on me. In addition to my physical challenges, it is also about 100 degrees outside every day. It is no picnic walking in the southeast’s summer heat, and it is even hotter and more humid than usual. I feel like I would not even walk her if I had no a/c to come back home to. Having a swimming pool would be even better, but the air conditioning is certainly a blessing! Funnily, even the dog looks forward to getting back into the air conditioning; I am sure of it. The reason I think so is that he does two things when we get back. First, he goes and gulps all the water out of his dish. Then, right after that, he marches over to the a/c air vent and plops down to soak up all the cool air! One day, the a/c wasn’t running when we got back home, and he just looked at me with those sad eyes as if to say, “What is wrong with the air conditioning?” If I lived somewhere where there is no a/c, I could never walk my dog!

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My best friend has a drinking problem

It’s hard to watch someone you love self-destruct and ruin their lives.

My best friend has a terrible drinking problem and I don’t know how to help the guy.

We have been friends for 10 years and we have been roommates for three of those years. Lately, it seems like the guy is depressed and sad. I have tried to talk to him about life and girls and family, but he never wants to talk about anything that is important. A few months ago, the guy started drinking heavily and now he hits the bottle every single night. He missed a couple of days of work last month because he was hungover. Yesterday, we had to pay for an AC repairman and the bill was steep. Doug fell asleep after drinking all morning. He woke up and the temperature was warm, so he turned the AC thermostat down to 62 degrees. He went back to sleep and never adjusted the thermostat again. The AC system could not handle the low temperature and it froze up and stopped working. When I came home from work, Doug was passed out on the couch and the inside of the house felt like an igloo. The total for the repair bill was $260 and I told Doug that he has to pay all of it. I’m really getting sick and tired of babysitting my best friend. The guy is 25 years old and he acts like a teenager. If he doesn’t get his life together soon, I’m going to need to look for a different living situation.

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