They sent the wrong work crew

Oh geez, let me tell you about what happened last month when I hired a construction supplier to install my brand current in-ground pool.

So I called them up and tell them the exact construction task I need. They tell me they have pro pool construction people on hand and that it would not be too much of an issue. They even gave me twenty percent off of the regular price! I thought I was all set. Until the day they arrived, they sent in a bunch of confused construction workers… When they arrived at my condo they were confused as to why their task order gave a condo address instead of some deserted spot of land. It turns out they somehow sent activitys complex dealers to my condo instead of the correct pool construction workers! It also turned out that the pool construction workers ended up getting the activity complex dealers’ task order and ended up going out to the deserted spot of land to beginning construction on a humongous activity complex! This was totally insane! At the end of the day they got everything straightened out and it was simply because of their faulty computer idea giving all construction workers and construction dealers in the supplier the wrong task orders. All of us rescheduled to the next day and I got my pool construction finished. But wow, was that a major headache! They ended up giving me another fifteen percent off to make up for the hassle and inconvenience, which I thought was very very good of them to do.

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