It should be done in a few months

I just got set up with my first real job since i’ve been out of college and I am so ecstatic about it! The only major drawback for it is the wait to start.

I got a task with a current supplier that is just opening up, however the corporate headquarters is in the process of being built.

The office construction still has about 2 or more months before they are up and running. The office I am going to be finally working at is smack dab in the center of the city which is great, because I live near by there. The construction seems to be taking forever though. When you do office construction I constantly assumed it wasn’t quite as sizable of a task as say doing construction on a house. But this office construction that has been going on seems to be taking just as long. The office has been being built and under construction since almost a full year before I even got the task. And with 2 months to go yet before the office construction is finally done, that will take it a little over a year just building this office all together. I truly can not wait to begin at my task. The office I am going to be finally working at is a data processing center. And in college classes, that is what I received my degree in. So I was pretty fortunate to find an up and coming brand current data processing supplies that was still in the office construction phase. Otherwise, I am not so sure I would have been able to land a task so quickly being straight out of college.

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