My home is without air conditioning

I purchased a house, but it doesn’t have central air conditioning.

I absolutely wanted to find a cabin that already had central air conditioning, but I was not able to find a cabin that I absolutely liked that had central air conditioning.

I looked for over 8 months for a house with central air conditioning, but I just could not find one that I absolutely liked. I did find a home that I fell in love with though, the only problem that I had with the cabin was the fact that it didn’t have central air conditioning in it! I was able to talk the previous owners down a bit in order for me to save some cash to get central air conditioning installed in the house. I was able to talk them down a couple thousand dollars, and that was nice. It wasn’t quite enough to pay to get central air conditioning installed right away, but it was definitely a fantastic start. I was able to save up the cash within 4 months after buying the house. I have lived in my new home for about several months now, and I still have not gotten a central A/C installed. I absolutely hope to get a central A/C installed this month though. I don’t know why I have procrastinated on it, but I am absolutely regretting it now because the rapidly increasing temperatures have been in the 90s, and it is quite hot in my house. I do wish that the cabin would have come with central air conditioning already installed in it, but at least now I can get a new one installed.

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