Getting into fitness after divorce

After I went through my divorce, I had problems with self-confidence and depression.

My ex-husband was really bad for my self-esteem. He frequently made derogatory comments about my physical appearance. He undermined my efforts to exercise, lose weight and follow healthy habits. He also accumulated financial debt. Splitting up with him was the smartest choice I ever made, and yet it was probably the most stressful time of my life. I wanted to put as much distance between him and I as possible. I decided to move to an area where I could start fresh. I was concerned that I’d never get my life organized, pay off the debt or feel proud of myself again. I was fortunate to meet some wonderful people at my new job. They told me that the company I work for offers a corporate wellness program. I have access to a free gym membership that includes nutritional counselling, personal training and group fitness classes. Since I was lonely, bored and eager to make improvements to myself, I signed up and immediately started attending the gym on a regular basis. Every free moment, I was either taking advantage of the workout machines, participating in a class or scheduling a time with the personal trainer. I also consulted with the nutritionist, who tailored a meal plan to my preferences and goals. It wasn’t long before I saw and felt significant improvement. I didn’t just drop weight but built and strengthened my muscles. I found that I had an increase in my energy levels. I slept much better at night. In the group classes, I met some easily new friends and began to socialize a bit. It’s now been four years since my divorce, and I have become a new and happier woman.


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Traveling for work and staying fit and healthy

I often need to travel for work.

I feel as if I spend more time at a hotel than at home. When I initially started making these work trips, I’d end up fatigued and sore. I deal with unpleasant digestive issues and headaches. I suffered from acne and weight gain. I came to the conclusion that I was to blame for not taking proper care of myself. When I’m at home, I’m conscientious about my nutrition and strict about daily exercise. While traveling, I was dining at restaurants, drinking coffee to stay alert and neglecting my workouts. I got determined to be more proactive. I joined a fitness center that is a national chain. It includes locations all across the country. When I have an upcoming work trip, I check for a fitness center in close proximity. I typically can find a location within driving distance. My membership lets me workout at any of the locations. I can access the gym at any time, day or night. Now and then, the hotel I’m staying at will include a workout area. There’s normally nothing but a single treadmill, stationary bike and a couple free weights. That’s enough for me to burn sufficient calories and manage a good sweat. I also bring a jump rope, resistance bands and a portable yoga mat along in my suitcase. I can normally find sufficient space to manage some type of strenuous workout. I make sure to include a thorough stretch because my muscles will tighten due to the stress of travel. I pack some granola bars, apples, grapes, baby carrots, celery and healthy snacks in my bag. After I reach my destination, I try to stop at a grocery store so I can buy bottled water. By making more of an effort to eat healthy and workout every day, I have solved many of the drawbacks of traveling so often.

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My son’s treadmill and swimming pool are like a spa treatment

Every July, my son and his wife head off on a ten-day getaway for their anniversary.

  • I volunteer to stay at their home and watch over things.

I take care of the dog. I enjoy it. My son and his wife have a gorgeous home and property. I get to take advantage of all sorts of modern amenities. Their kitchen is huge and features granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and all the latest gadgets. The living room offers a big television, especially comfortable leather furniture and surround sound. I appreciate the water pressure in the shower. I look at my stay at their home as my vacation. It’s like a trip to a spa. I have very little to do besides reading, tanning, eating and working out. They have a modern treadmill that doesn’t need electricity to operate. The treadmill features a curved track that is powered through the strides of the runner. The advantage is that I can adjust speed instantly. The treadmill is quiet and smooth, and I benefit from a great workout. I often run for a straight hour while listening to music. After I’m drenched with sweat, I step outside and swim in the inground pool. Sometimes, I swim laps. Other times, I tread water for half an hour. I enjoy doing water aerobics. I carry my speakers outside so I have music. It’s such a luxury to cool off in the water. I enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and the view of their gardens. Once I’ve finished my workout, I stretch out on a sun chair and relax. I am also quite careful about the food I eat while I’m staying at my son’s house. Since I’m only preparing meals for myself, I can eat especially healthy. By the end of the trip, I’ve usually lost some weight. I feel fit and totally refreshed.


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Training cheerleaders to be fit and healthy

I have worked as a cheerleading coach for the past eighteen years.

I own and operate a successful all-star gym.

My staff and I train kids from ages three to eighteen. We work with several teams at each age level and they include beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Our teams travel throughout the country to compete. This is not the cheerleading many people picture. We don’t occupy the sidelines of a football game and fire up the crowd. Competitive cheer is an especially physically strenuous sport. The athletes perform complicated stunts, tumbling, dance and jumps. They are required to be extremely strong, flexible, coordinated and fit. The demands of a two-and-a-half minute routine rely on a great deal of stamina. Competitive cheer has proven to be one of the most dangerous sports. Injuries are all too frequent and can be devastating. I need to take every precaution to ensure that the kids are prepared in every possible way. I teach them proper techniques targeted toward their safety. My staff and I drill the more complex maneuvers and skills so that each cheerleader is aware of their role and executes it flawlessly. There is a lot of physical training necessary. During our practices, I lead the athletes through running and jumping drills. They lunge and squat. They are required to perform handstands, pushups, pull-ups and abdominal crunches. We include weight lifting, incorporate resistance bands and often jump rope. I make certain that the cheerleaders are conditioned into peak athletes. We include all the muscle groups and vary between cardio and strength training. My staff and I stress the importance of a proper warmup and cooldown, hydration, enough sleep and good nutrition. I try to teach and instill healthy habits that will support their well-being and fitness throughout their lives. My teams often win because my gym focuses on total-body and mental health.


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The office cleaning business is really nice

Roughly four years back, I agreed to help my best friend with her new professional office cleaning business.

There had been a large complex of office buildings being built in our area.

They were asking for bids from people for general cleaning services. My best friend thought it would be simple to clean offices. She had watched enough films as well as cable shows to realize that they vacuumed, cleaned windows, did general dusting, as well as emptied waste baskets. She wrote up a bid. She included cleaning materials, uniforms as well as the cost per employee. She thought six cleaning people would be enough to clean thirty offices. I asked her about the cleaning machines as well as cost of benefit packages as well as paying herself. She was overwhelmed when she saw her bottom line for getting this one contract for her office cleaning business. She needed a bunch of cleaning machines so they didn’t need to be conveyed between floors. She was blown away at the final line for a seven-year contract for her professional office cleaning business. She was sure they would not pay her price. When they called her in for an interview, they stated they didn’t want to make a contract longer than three years. They didn’t want to be tied to an office cleaning contractor for longer than that, if the work wasn’t satisfactory. They also didn’t know it would be even-handed if the office cleaning supplier were tied to them for any longer, if they didn’t guess the supplier was a nice fit. We have now been working for this supplier for roughly four years, as well as I have no intention of quitting the office cleaning business any time soon.



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I honestly enjoy the office cleaning business

She was positive they would not cover her price.

Approximately 2 years ago, I agreed to help my good friend with her new office cleaning company. There had been a crucial complex of office buildings being built in our area. They were looking for bids from people for general cleaning services. My good friend thought it would be straightforward to clean offices. She had watched all types of movies and TV shows and knew that they vacuumed, cleaned windows, did dusting, and emptied waste baskets. She wrote up a bid. She included cleaning materials, uniforms and the cost per employee. She thought roughly 5 cleaning people would be enough to stay on top of thirty offices. I asked her about the equipment she would need and cost of benefit packages and paying herself. She was overwhelmed when she saw her bottom line for getting this one contract for her office cleaning business. She needed a lot of cleaning equipment so it didn’t need to be transported between floors. She was shocked at the final line for a three-year contract for her office cleaning business. She was positive they would not cover her price. When they called her in for an interview, they informed her that they didn’t want to have a contract for more than two years. They didn’t want to be tied to an office cleaning supplier for much longer than that, if they didn’t do the work properly. They also didn’t feel it would be entirely fair if the office cleaning supplier were tied to them for any longer, if they didn’t feel the supplier was an enjoyable fit. We have now been working for this supplier for about 2 years, and I have no intention of quitting the office cleaning business at all.
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Adding a stationary bike to our home

I set up a house gym for the sake of personal convenience.

I wanted to be able to workout at any time of the day or night without needing to drive anywhere else.

I like exercising for as long as I want to without getting hassled or interrupted and needing to hurry. Since I didn’t have unlimited funds to task with, I had to make the decision of what type of machine to buy. I looked at all of the different treadmills, rowing machines as well as elliptical machines but ended up choosing an exercise bike. One of the reasons for it was because a stationary bike offers a relatively low-impact workout. I can get moving as well as burn a whole load of calories without putting a lot of stress on our joints. I can adjust the height of the seat to get a nice, comfortable position so that I don’t worry about a sore back. I have the ability to customize my workout session by adding resistance, pedaling faster or choosing a program. I can even turn it into a nice interval training workout by including a combination of pedaling hastily as well as sitting up from my seat. I sporadically task our arms by holding weights while I ride the bike. I’ve even worn heavy ankle weights for short, fast bursts. I’ve found that the stationary bike is a beautiful way to burn a whole lot of calories in a single workout. I’m able to elevate our heart rate, get sweaty as well as guess I feel pretty great about our accomplishment. By combining healthier eating habits with difficult workouts that focus on the bike, I’ve lost a very considerable amount of weight. I really adore using the bike. I avoid hazardous road conditions, negligent drivers, traffic, as well as terrible weather. Having the bike as space of our house gym lets me workout without any additional worries about what’s going on outside. All I need to do is lace up sneakers, rest down on the bike as well as start myself pedaling.

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A Heating as well as cooling unit needs to protect guitar collection

I first started taking guitar lessons when I was just 7years old.

Despite a lot of lessons as well as years of constant practice, I’m no expert.

I simply love the instrument as well as really adore playing. Over that time, I’ve become a collector of valuable guitars. I travel all over the country for our job, as well as I’m always on the lookout for valuable stringed instruments or any kind. I hope to find the more scarce models that have some interesting history. Some of the guitars in our collection are worth quite a bit of coin. Others simply have loving value. Some of them, I play respectfully while others I preserve as well as don’t dare mess with. The a single thing that all of the guitars have in common is their sensitivity to temperature fluctuations as well as humidity. Insufficient moisture in the air can dry out the wood as well as cause it to become brittle and crack. Too much humidity can warp the instrument. Even a temperature fluctuation of a handful of degrees can throw the guitar out of tune. To protect the longevity as well as integrity of this collection, I need to have reliability control over heating, cooling as well as humidity. I’ve invested such a large amount of money into a high quality, state-of-the-art central oil furnace as well as The idea includes an stretchy speed compressor that allows it to adjust speed in tiny a single percent increments to fully ensure truly stable temperature. Unluckyly, the oil furnace can really dry out the air in the Winter months, as well as the isn’t designed to to handle humidity. I considered buying both the humidifier as well as the dehumidifier, but it was cheaper as well as more effective to install a ventilator. It works to bring in fresh clean air, get rid of stale air as well as stabilize moisture levels. While the whole purpose is to preserve all of our valuable instruments, I benefit from ideal comfort as well as tremendous energy efficiency.


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Saving up for a new central a/c

In our town, the summertime heat doesn’t last all that long.

We’re lucky if the people I was with and I get to have three months of nice weather, orange skies as well as sunshine.

For that brief period, the higher temps as well as humidity can make for an overheated, sticky as well as uncomfortable house environment. The two of us can get by with window A/Css as well as box fans, but I’d rather have a central cooling system. I’ve done all our homework on the subject, as well as there’s some really advanced cooling technology on the new market. This week’s AC units achieve up to 26 SEER ratings as well as offer energy saving features such as zone control, sophisticated dehumidification capability as well as flex-speed operations. I’d really like to be able to close the windows against the influx of bugs, pollen, dust, and exhaust fumes,,, as well as noise pollution. I guess the apartment would stay cleaner. Plus, the cooling unit would filter out airborne contaminants. I wouldn’t need to vacuum or dust as often, as well as the whole family would benefit from healthier air quality. I would love the ability to simply lower the climate control unit to cool down the entire house. I am convinced I’d sleep better at night. Alas, central a/c is rather luxurious. I’ve been saving up for the purchase price as well as cost of having an upgrade, but other things keep taking priority. Because of a problem with our transmission, I depleted our savings account for a down payment on a new car. I recently needed to replace the washing components as well as sizzling water heater. I’ve already had a local Heating as well as A/C corporation give a free estimate on a new I’ve considered getting a house improvement loan to cover the cost, even though I hate to make payments. However, while I’m saving up the money, I’m also residing without a/c.


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Needing my HVAC repaired

My little condo is heated as well as cooled by a packaged unit located outside as well as linked to a system of HVAC ductwork that feeds conditioned air to vents in the ceiling.

The idea is downright ancient.

Jenny and I bought the apartment several years ago as well as immediately observed how old and unlucky the age, size as well as appearance of the unit. The two of us doubted the idea had the tenacity to endure through a single Winter. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by its reliability as well as excellent performance. In our local area, the Winter weather isn’t all that extreme… Now as well as then the temps drop down into the upper thirties. At that point, the packaged unit struggles a bit. It will sporadically ice over. We’ve invested in a little electric gas furnace to help out. When In cooling mode, the idea has done a enjoyable job of handling the extreme heat as well as the excess humidity. Although it’s so noisy that it often startles me when it kicks in, it proves a tremendous amount of cooling. We’ve never called for professional maintenance. The two of us recognize there is nothing but dander, dust, debris as well as grime holding the components together… Just over this past Spring, the people I was with and I observed that although the idea was making its same old operational noises, there was virtually no air coming from the vents. I was sad about calling for repair. I was prepared for the worst, figuring the Heating as well as A/C corporation would insist that Jenny and I invest in a whole new system. When the professional took the unit apart, there was a fairly significant build up of leaves, twigs as well as dirt within the cabinet. He found a very small refrigerant leak. He said that replacing parts was impossible because of the age of the system. He recommended that he add refrigerant, charge it up as well as see how long it would last. Since then, the idea has been providing plenty of cool air. I’m hopeful it’s going to last me and Jenny another few years.

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