I honestly enjoy the office cleaning business

She was positive they would not cover her price.

Approximately 2 years ago, I agreed to help my good friend with her new office cleaning company. There had been a crucial complex of office buildings being built in our area. They were looking for bids from people for general cleaning services. My good friend thought it would be straightforward to clean offices. She had watched all types of movies and TV shows and knew that they vacuumed, cleaned windows, did dusting, and emptied waste baskets. She wrote up a bid. She included cleaning materials, uniforms and the cost per employee. She thought roughly 5 cleaning people would be enough to stay on top of thirty offices. I asked her about the equipment she would need and cost of benefit packages and paying herself. She was overwhelmed when she saw her bottom line for getting this one contract for her office cleaning business. She needed a lot of cleaning equipment so it didn’t need to be transported between floors. She was shocked at the final line for a three-year contract for her office cleaning business. She was positive they would not cover her price. When they called her in for an interview, they informed her that they didn’t want to have a contract for more than two years. They didn’t want to be tied to an office cleaning supplier for much longer than that, if they didn’t do the work properly. They also didn’t feel it would be entirely fair if the office cleaning supplier were tied to them for any longer, if they didn’t feel the supplier was an enjoyable fit. We have now been working for this supplier for about 2 years, and I have no intention of quitting the office cleaning business at all.
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