Happy with boiler heating

I live in the northeastern part of the country, along one of the Great Lakes and very close to the Canadian Border.

Our area is commonly referred to as the “Snow Belt.” Our winter weather hangs around for more than half the year.

Our weather forecasts commonly include terms such as lake-effect snow, blizzard conditions, white-outs, freezing rain and dangerous wind chills. We expect temperatures below freezing the majority of the time and aren’t surprised by sub zero conditions. The severe winter weather causes a great deal of work and expense. The cost of heating adds up to about 50% of the household energy usage. A very powerful, reliable and energy efficient heating system is a necessity. I am fortunate that my home is equipped with a boiler. Because of very few moving parts, the boiler doesn’t need much maintenance and is unlikely to have any problems. As a hydronic system, the boiler uses water to convey heat energy throughout the house. Water heats up faster and retains heat longer than air. It avoids drafts, temperature stratification and the introduction of air contaminants, such as dust, mold spores and bacteria. The boiler operates silently and links to a series of pipes concealed beneath the floor. Radiant heated floors provide an especially even and gentle comfort. One of the best features of the boiler is that it also powers an outdoor snowmelt system. Just like inside, we have a network of pipes hidden beneath the pavement of the driveway and walkways. The snowmelt system activates automatically in response to temperature drop and moisture, heating up and melting away snow and ice.

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