Washable air filters are a thing

The pandemic was a total surprise to the entire world, and it affected several people healthwise and financially, and no matter who you were, there was always a worry so several people opted to stay at home.

I had worked at this restaurant in the town since I was in college.

I stayed there because the owner was the best and we made quite a wonderful amount in tips! However, he had to close the establishment when the entire country went into self-quarantine, and without a source of income, it was time to make a few changes and tighten the belt before I found a way forward. A few months after losing my job, I had to call an Heating and Air Conditioning specialist to come to my house. It was summer time and time for the annual Heating and Air Conditioning service. Thankfully, I had paid for Heating and Air Conditioning services in advance and it was good for another 2 years! Otherwise, I wasn’t sure if I’d have afforded to hire him that day. The Heating and Air Conditioning specialist came one morning and got to work inspecting the Heating and Air Conditioning unit in my home, but we spoke a bit about different ways to save energy so that I don’t pay big amounts. The man commended me for keeping up with Heating and Air Conditioning service even though times were tough. He also told me about washable air filters. These were a better option than having to install new air filters in the Heating and Air Conditioning unit each month. She had an example of a washable air filter which he upgraded in our unit. Also, he offered me contact info for a local Heating and Air Conditioning store who sold washable air filters at a wonderful price.

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