The stores air conditioning system was down

It took some time for me to start my life again after a rough couple of years.

But, I was lucky that I had our big sister there to help me out.

She had been my rock through a dark time and never gave up on me. My brother in law had literally held my hand as I recovered and I’m forever grateful to them. After I got better, I wanted to get back on my feet. But, they insisted I don’t move away and their home was always open to me. Besides, my nephews and nieces were so upset to know I was leaving. The best thing to do was find work in the local area which I did in a local store. My work was to run the place which was something I could do given my background in company management. Last Monday, I went to open the store as usual l but noticed it felt hot and muggy which meant the A/C unit wasn’t working. This wasn’t good because the products in the store needed to be kept in a cool and dry place. I had to call the store owner to let him know the A/C unit had failed. She told me to keep the doors open and windows then he’d send an A/C expert over to check it out. It was about midday when the A/C expert arrived at the store and began her inspection. She noticed that the A/C was okay, it was the thermostat which was malfunctioning. The best thing to do was upgrade it and I finally got the thermostat unit in the store which I’d told my boss about. The smart thermostat would make programming the control unit easier and it was also an energy efficient unit.

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