Busy Day Today With Two Client Trainings and a Jam Session

I picked up a new student for beach volleyball training and I will be starting today with him, along with my normal yoga student following that class. Then I will come home, turn on my HVAC system for a bit, pack up my musical gear, and then head to the church by the sea to jam with my friend Danny for a few hours. Sometimes, we make more money busking with music than I do working at the local business four or five hours a day. I think it’s just a matter of time until we will be playing in clubs and bars around the country and making some good money doing something that I just love to do. I do like working on HVAC equipment at the local business, and helping people with their questions on smart thermostats and heat pumps, but playing music is in a league all its own and it brings me so much joy and happiness that I can’t even explain it well enough. If you are lucky enough to find something you love to do then nobody needs to tell you to do it for the rest of your life, because there’s something inside of you that just drives you to do it everyday. I was a local contractor back in my hometown, but I left it to pursue stand-up comedy, which is one of the most difficult art forms to do, so I finally switched over to music for a more gentle way to express my performance art. Okay, it’s time to finish these HVAC equipment articles and get out of here.

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