He was stuffing his money in the air vent.

When my dad moved in with us, it was because no one else wanted him in their home.

We lived several hundred miles away from the rest of the family, and we didn’t see them very often.

My brother called me out of the blue, and asked if we would take dad until they could find a nursing home for him. He couldn’t live alone anymore. We thought dad was getting feeble, because he was almost ninety, but when he moved in, it was more than that. Dad had advanced dementia and needed 24 hour care. We had an excellent nursing home where we lived, and we could get him in there in two weeks. He was incontinent, and we were glad we had the air purification system in the house. We also put a portable air purification system in his room. Right before we moved him into the nursing home, he was asking what happened to all his money. My brother had sent him to our house with over $2000 in his wallet. He was out of money and blaming my husband for stealing it. I walked into his room, hoping he had put the money under the mattress. I saw the corner of a bill sticking out of the air vent cover. My dad had been stuffing the money into the air vent. It was winter, and the furnace was on. I started worrying about the money catching fire. I called my husband into the room and told him he had to remove the air vent cover. We found all of his money was stuffed inside the air vent, and some of it was already dark from the heat of the furnace.



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