My house is very dusty.

I ended up calling the HVAC company

My basement is possibly the dustiest room I have ever been in. Unfortunately, my air conditioning unit is in the basement. The only thing I can think is that my air conditioning unit sucks in all the dust from the basement and pushes it out of the air vents. As the cool air is forced through the air vents, the dust is also forced out and it causes my house to be extremely dusty. I couldn’t figure out why my house was so dusty until I realized. I took my dusting cloths downstairs and I dusted my air conditioning unit. It took me over an hour to get rid of all the dust that had gathered on my air conditioning unit. After getting rid of all the dust, I was sure I was going to see a big difference in the amount of dust in my house. I saw a small difference, but it wasn’t enough for me. I went back downstairs, and my AC unit was still dusty. I looked around the basement and I knew I had to get rid of the dust that was in the basement. I pulled out my vacuum cleaner and started cleaning every corner and every item that was in the basement. I was eliminating some of the dust in my house, but not all of it. I ended up calling the HVAC company. I had so much dust built up in my ductwork, that it didn’t matter what I was doing. I had to have the ductwork cleaned and get rid of the source of the dust.


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