A few tweaks yields lots of HVAC savings

I have always been up for trying something new and different.

Having an open heart and mind is key for the way I choose to live my life.

Finding a balance between structure and spontaneity is so important to me. Keeping a schedule and a bit of a routine helps me with the responsibilities that go along with being a part of this society. My home is made in an area that has a yearly period where the heat is a big, big concern. I do my best to keep the house cool without getting stupid about it. Again, yet another balancing act in my life. I simply can’t afford to have the HVAC running all the time to meet some sort of unreasonable temperature demand. For months at a time, the temperatures here hover around triple digits. That means it’s vitally important to be proactive when it comes to HVAC use. I take a weekend in early spring and go around the entire house with a caulk gun. I do this in order to be sure that all the HVAC treated air stays inside. My wife got solar drapes for all the windows. They work by mitigating the direct sun heating the ambient air in our house. This keeps helps greatly. We also mostly cook outside in the summer in order to limit the use of the range or the oven which heats up the house. But, the big thing is the HVAC setting. That thing has to be set proportional to the outside temperature. During the heat of the day, I like to have no more than 15 degrees difference between the HVAC setting and outside temps.


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