Getting through brutal winters with HVAC cozy comfort

That may have to happen as I won’t always be up for the physical demands that winter requires

I feel like with every passing winter, I am getting broken down just a little bit more. We live in a place that gets a whole lot of cold, snow, ice and wind. That is a combination for severe discomfort. The snow alone is such a hassle. Contemplating how many hours I have spent shoveling snow just makes my head hurt. Then there is the ice. It’s a wonder I haven’t broken my neck with all the slips and falls over a winter. However, there is one saving grace and that is the HVAC in our home. We are really lucky to have such a great heating method. It’s a combination of geothermal and a furnace. The geothermal HVAC extracts heat energy from the earth’s near constant temperature. When it gets really cold, the furnace jumps in to supplement the heating effort. But that’s not the best part. Our HVAC uses radiant heat transfer to warm the air in the house. This is done by water flowing through copper coils in the floor. It’s like the best radiator type heat without the radiators. It just feels so good inside the house. And let me tell you, I need it during the winter. There is a part of me, now that I am getting toward retirement age, that wants to pack it up and be done with winters once and for all. That may have to happen as I won’t always be up for the physical demands that winter requires. But until then, at least I have the best, most cozy HVAC there is to keep me warm and comfortable all winter.


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