Small Town Life is Horrible

I really hate living in a small town; Things are so much different than it is in the rest of the world, and this is not a great thing.

There is only one grocery store plus one gas station.

Also there is only one heating and cooling system dealer, and not having a choice on who services your heating and cooling needs can be a real hassle, and if you are not thrilled with the way they service or install your heating and cooling system equipment, you have no choice but to grin and bear it. I am really tired of this, but because the local heating and cooling business the we have here is awful! The heating and A/C workers are rude plus don’t know as much about heating and cooling system service as they should. Also, the heating and cooling system business overcharges for their services. In the populated areas, to get heating and cooling service or upgrade service it is half the price of what these rip off artists charge. I am seriously thinking about moving out of this small town plus high tailing it to the city. The state I live in has much better locales to live than this small little town which has nothing. I do not even understand why people stay here. It is really a horrible locale if you want my honest opinion! When you don’t even have a choice of who your heating plus cooling system provider is, that should tell you right there how bad this locale is. Anyone who chooses to live in a small town really has no clue what real life is like..

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