The Big Mystery

Have you ever wondered who exactly invented the whole concept of heating and A/C technology? I know I have; And I researched this various times over the years and can find no information on who really created heating and A/C! I know maybe it started with the inventions of fireplaces and fans, and then they took it to the next level probably? Who knows really? However the question itself particularly bugs me. I would like to find out who invented heating and A/C! The invention of heating and cooling systems was a brilliant one, and for the last decades or more, the entire planet can not live without central heating and A/C. This is something that has become a way of life that most people depend on to get through the severe weather that is around us at various times of the year. I know I would never be able to survive without central heating or air conditioning. The way it sits, without heating and A/C I would die! I know a lot of other people who think the exact same way as I do on this, which brings me back to my original question…who exactly invented the concept of heating, ventilation, and A/C technology? I have read various weird things that clash with each other. I know we’ll all never know the real truth… But one thing is for sure…heating and A/C makes the world go round! Without it, it’s difficult to imagine what the world would be like nowadays with the severe weather changes happening around us.


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