Getting into fitness after divorce

After I went through my divorce, I had problems with self-confidence and depression.

My ex-husband was really bad for my self-esteem. He frequently made derogatory comments about my physical appearance. He undermined my efforts to exercise, lose weight and follow healthy habits. He also accumulated financial debt. Splitting up with him was the smartest choice I ever made, and yet it was probably the most stressful time of my life. I wanted to put as much distance between him and I as possible. I decided to move to an area where I could start fresh. I was concerned that I’d never get my life organized, pay off the debt or feel proud of myself again. I was fortunate to meet some wonderful people at my new job. They told me that the company I work for offers a corporate wellness program. I have access to a free gym membership that includes nutritional counselling, personal training and group fitness classes. Since I was lonely, bored and eager to make improvements to myself, I signed up and immediately started attending the gym on a regular basis. Every free moment, I was either taking advantage of the workout machines, participating in a class or scheduling a time with the personal trainer. I also consulted with the nutritionist, who tailored a meal plan to my preferences and goals. It wasn’t long before I saw and felt significant improvement. I didn’t just drop weight but built and strengthened my muscles. I found that I had an increase in my energy levels. I slept much better at night. In the group classes, I met some easily new friends and began to socialize a bit. It’s now been four years since my divorce, and I have become a new and happier woman.


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