My crazy cat loves the air conditioner

Living up north you seldom see I need for a complete HVAC system.

Everyone has some sort of heat in their house whether it is a forced air system or a boiler or even a wood-burning stove, but many people don’t have air conditioning at all. As my husband and I have gotten older we have become less tolerant of the heat during the summer so we decided to have an air conditioner installed in the house. We already had an existing forced air furnace so it was easy to incorporate the air conditioning into that and use the existing ductwork. We thoroughly enjoy having the house nice and cool on a hot summer day but after it had been stalled for several months I began to notice a buildup of fur in my bedroom. Even though I vacuum on a somewhat regular basis I would find clumps of fur in the one corner of the room near one of the HVAC vents. We have three cats and for the most part they hang around in the windows to watch the world go by, but one of them has taken to staying in our room all day long. I just assumed that it was because he’s getting older and he really didn’t want to be bothered with people but one day I walked into the room to find him sprawled across the floor vent with the cold air blowing on him. Apparently he decided that he liked to sleep there and his fur blew everywhere around the vent. I couldn’t imagine how that was comfortable but he seemed to like it and it explains the clumps of fur all over my bedroom floor.


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