Off to the Races

With Summer just start there are several things that my adolescents are looking forward to.

Of course, not going to school is a major one.

I believe all of us can agree that this is one of the largest benefits of summer. However, one of my children’s favorite parts of this time of year is the county tolerable that happens in November, but now our region experiences hot & cold temperatures in the upper 74s during that time & it is an effort to stay cool while you are at the fairgrounds. I don’t believe it affects adolescents as much as it does adults because they are so excited about the rides & the exhibits, and each year my pal and I buy tickets so that my pal and I can spend at least three days at the tolerable & because they are not designated for a particular day it is nice because my pal and I can plan to go on cooler days. There are a few buildings at the fairgrounds that are weather conditions-controlled & my pal and I try to attend shows or exhibits in there when it is the middle of the day, of course, so does all the people else. These shows are usually packed with people & that still makes it uncomfortable. My great friend and I tend to spend most of our time trying to find shade somewhere well the adolescents run & go on the rides. I myself, will even tend to spend a lot of my time in the animal barns because at least I am not standing in the baking sun. My great friend and I have a lot of great memories that have been made at the tolerable & will continue to go each year even though it is during the hottest part of Summer.
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