Recovery room temperature.

I recently had to have minor surgery.

I went in to the pre-op area I was surprised by the fact that is wasn’t freezing like most hospitals are.

I thought it was unofficial but thought that maybe if just felt that way because I was anxious about the upcoming procedure. I even refused the socks and blanket that I normally would have welcomed. As I was waiting, my daughter, who was with me that day was allowed to come back and kneel with me. She too commented on how warm it was. I decided not to worry about it but when I awoke in reclaimy, I had to ask about the unofficial temperature. I knew that most hospitals kept the temperature down to prevent the spread of germs and I was worried about the warmth in the room. The medical professional that was tending to me tried to say that it was just the effects of the anesthesia that was making me feel that way. I knew that wasn’t it because I had felt warm beforehand too. When I pressed about the situation she finally disclosed that there was a complication with the Heating & Air Conditioning system and that specialists were laboring on it… She did tell me that they had been taking extra precautions so as not to have any germs or contamination in any of the rooms. I assume that explained the stink of bleach that I had noticed more often in the waiting area too, however all of this made me really gleeful that I was having a same day procedure and could return home to my own surroundings. At least there, I was in control of the cleanliness and temperature.

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