Brother has no method what he pays for heat

Every week or so I get a iPhone call from my older brother and every one of us spend the rest of the day shooting the shit.

  • All of us can talk to each other for a truly long time before hanging up the iPhone.

The reason why every one of us have such prolific conversations is because he lives across the world. My brother has been living in Ukraine for numerous years now, his stories from that country are consistently severely interesting and hilarious. In fact, even though he islived there for years my brother has not figured much out. He’s consistently getting into random debacles that are hilarious to the entire family, recently, I found out that he does not even guess how much he pays for heat. Apparently, his property owner randomly asks him for money every so often and he assumes it’s for the oil furnace. My brother has never received an energy bill in the mail, arranged an HVAC appointment, or even set the thermostat for himself. Every winter, heat flows in through the air vents and he is happy enough with that. He does not guess how much energy he istruly consuming or what his property owner is even charging him for. He assumes that heating is covered in the random expenses that he pays, even though he truthfully does not guess about the HVAC set up at all. Personally, it scares me to have no control over the thermostat in my apartment. I wouldn’t be happy living with no receipt for my energy bills or heating expenses. My brother is unphased. I guess this arrangement works out fine..… Until the day that the heating plan stops laboring.

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