Summer is motivation to lose weight

It seems like people need a lot of encouragement to take care of themselves and their bodies.

Even though everybody knows that your physical health is one of the key aspects to life satisfaction, financial stability, and happiness… People still can’t seem to implement proper exercise practices in their lives. Unfortunately, the only motivation that most of my peers have for staying in shape is having nice bodies to put on the internet. Around this time every year they start panicking about getting into bikini shape so they can post pictures on social media. If you ask me, the outdoor air temperature and cost of operating the central cooling system should be a bigger motivation for staying in shape than anything else. In this part of the country, the summers are oppressively hot and humid. There’s no way you can survive the brutal summer season without advanced indoor air temperature control to keep your home relatively cool and dry. This means, you encounter a lot of high energy costs thanks to the air conditioning unit outside. In my opinion, The more mass you have on your body, the more body heat you store up with all that insulation. If you drop some weight, you will also drop your internal temperature. In turn, this means you don’t need so much indoor air temperature control to keep the environment cool and dry. When it comes to motivation for keeping myself slim and fit, I just think about my energy bill and the wear and tear that is accrued on my AC unit every summer. Having forty thousand followers on my bikini Instagram is just a secondary benefit.

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