Became an HVAC tech, and I’m never comfortable anymore

Sometimes you should keep your passions as your hobbies.

A very wise person once told me that… And I didn’t listen. I was always convinced that I wanted to work in the HVAC industry because I was such a strange fanatic of indoor air temperature control systems. From the age of 10 years old, I dreamt of becoming a professional Heating and Cooling technician. I had grown up in a house where we didn’t have any air conditioning for many years of my life. Every time I went to a friend’s house and experienced their powerful central AC, I desperately wanted to bring the powerful indoor air quality control system into my own daily existence. I actually enjoyed going to school as a kid because I was amazed by the massive forced air furnace that operated in the basement and the commercial size air conditioning system up on the roof. When I told my professors this, they warned me that I might not want to get into the HVAC industry because it would mar my experience with indoor air quality control devices. I didn’t heed their advice and I quickly joined HVAC technical school after graduating. I became a certified Heating and Cooling technician in less than 2 years and began working in residential air quality control. The problem is, now I hate HVAC systems. Everywhere I go, I’m extremely critical of the indoor air quality and I tear apart their air quality control maintenance plan. There’s always something they could be doing better when it comes to HVAC systems, indoor air purification, and routine maintenance. I’m so obsessed with HVAC as a professional now that I can’t enjoy it anymore as a human being.

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