My favorite place to be is right next to my heater

My favorite place to be is right next to my heater. My friends make fun of me sometimes because I love my heater so much. I am just almost always cold. I am even cold in the summertimes every once in a while. If the temperature is below eighty degrees, I usually get chilly. If it gets below forty-five degrees, I refuse to leave my house. I do live in a pretty mild climate, thankfully. I don’t know what I would do if it actually got really cold here during the winter months. I would probably freeze to death. Because I like being so warm, I sit by my heater almost all day long. I work from my computer at home, so I purposely set up my desk right next to my heater. I get to be by my heater almost all day, and it makes me so happy. I don’t like to go out and about unless it is really warm outside. I just don’t get how people like the colder weather. It never makes any sense to me. I hope that I can always live somewhere warm. I actually would like to get a little portable heater someday. I saw a little old lady with a portable heater, and it made me want one. I don’t dare mention that to my friends because they would definitely get me one, but they would never let me live it down. A little heater may just be worth it though. I am going to think about that a little longer, but I really hope to get a little heater sometime in the next few months.

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