My parents finally get new HVAC

For a long time, my parents complained of bad air quality at home, but I couldn’t afford anything they wanted.

My siblings didn’t even bother with them anymore, so I decided to step up once things were right.

My timing wasn’t exactly right because where they stay, there isn’t a single HVAC company closeby, so I had to hire an air conditioning professional from the town center to facilitate the whole process. Since we couldn’t go to my parents’ home to assess the situation, we gave him estimates to work with, and he used his cooling industry experience to come up with good results. We then approached a cooling and heating provider who sold us the new HVAC equipment we wanted. Thankfully, they offered free transport and free air conditioner install courtesy of their freelance a/c repairman who resided within the same area code as my parents. Since my parents complained of poor purification, I needed to ensure that the air filter would perform optimally. Most importantly, I hoped that the new system won’t be problematic and start demanding furnace/heater repair every now and then. Weeks later, my mom shared how her friends and club members loved her home’s new feeling thanks to the new air conditioning system. To top it off, this one came with a homeowner solution so my parents wouldn’t have to worry about extra cash on any cash on maintenance, just regular service. The provider was also kind enough to assure us that we can switch to a new contractor if we are unsatisfied with our present technician’s performance.
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