No temperature control in the lanai

My health and fitness is extremely important to me.

I am very conscientious about what I eat as well as hydration and sleep habits.

I workout for approximately an hour everyday. I prefer to complete my exercises first thing in the morning, but this isn’t always possible. My workout area is the lanai built across the back of my house. It’s very helpful that the lanai features a concrete floor, eight-foot ceilings and plenty of square footage to accommodate a wide variety of exercises. For the most part, I appreciate that the entire back wall is constructed of screens. I have a beautiful view of the lake behind my house and enjoy a steady influx of fresh air. The weather in my local area is typically quite mild, making the lanai an ideal workout space. However, in the middle of the summer, when the temperature soars into the high nineties with excessive humidity, I would really like to have access to air conditioning. I plug in several box fans and attempt to workout early in the morning, prior to the heat of the day. I still feel sluggish and drip with sweat. In the peak of winter, the temperature sometimes drops into the low forties. While I bundle up in layers of clothes, it’s difficult to warm up my muscles. I worry about injury and find it difficult to get a worthwhile workout. Because of the screens, there’s simply no way to heat or cool the space. Space heaters help a little but take up valuable square footage. I am unwilling to seal up the lanai for the sake of temperature control.
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